We believe there is no such thing as an “addict for life”. We believe in the power of the human body and psyche to rebuild from the ground up by eliminating the root causes of addiction for a life that is truly addiction free.

Dr. Andrew Petersen

“Addiction is a chronic disease of brain reward neurotransmitters. Dysfunction in these neurotransmitters leads to specific biological, psychological, social and spiritual manifestations. However, the typical medical perspective of addiction characterizes it primarily as an inability to abstain from a substance or behavior. In spite of the reality that addiction is a neurotransmitter problem, the current medical model for treating addiction is not based on correcting this, it is based on having patients abstain from the substance for “long enough”. This approach is flawed, and that is why long term recovery fails.

When we correct neurotransmitter deficiencies with slowly dripped IV amino acids we finally address the real medical problem of addiction. In addition to this critical treatment, we address the other underlying medical conditions that play a significant role in keeping our bodies sick and addicted.”

Dr. Trish Henrie-Barrus

Addiction is not just a ‘medical or psychological state’ but an unhealthy way of thinking and living. Our program is different because it focuses on an individual’s positive attributes and strengths. On solutions and not the addiction. Most people label themselves in a negative way. We help them see they are much more and this motivates change. Healthy living is a choice as we are sensitive and responsive to all the dimensions of body, mind, and spirit. Many recovery programs fail because they focus solely on the symptoms. We focus on real change through eliminating negative thinking patterns leading to a positive way of being.”

The Science of Our Approach

Amino Acid Therapy is the future of Addiction Recovery. Click the link below for peer reviewed scientific studies supporting the biology behind the amazing results our patient’s experience every day at WholeHealth Recovery.

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