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Recovery from substance abuse disorders and addictions are referred to as a recovery of mind, body and spirit. WholeHealth is an integrative medicine approach to healing from drug and alcohol use disorders including process addictions.

When there is an addict in the family the whole family suffers from its effects.  When a loved one is suffering from an addiction, the stress of that relationship (co-dependency) may be at the root of any medical or psychiatric disorder, and this cause of illness is often overlooked by both conventional and non-conventional health care providers.

You may even find other medical treatments like Suboxone and physical treatments like acupuncture, but few resources are available to assist you in the natural neurotransmitter restoration like amino acid therapy to assist in detoxifying your body from the toxins left over from the use of drugs and alcohol.​

Detoxification and recovery of the whole body offers this solution in recovery.  We offer amino acid therapies to help restore the imbalanced neurotransmitters that may have caused drug abuse or alcohol use and or abuse in the first place. These amino acid and nutritional therapies can be delivered through nutritional supplements, intravenously.

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