Biopsychosocial Model of Recovery

What is the biopsychosocial model?


We utilize an innovative amino acid intravenous therapy to restore the brain’s natural production of neurotransmitters, the biochemicals that generate feelings of calm, happiness, and satisfaction.

We use blood work to screen each client for genetic, medical, and nutritional factors that could be contributing to the addictive condition then customize treatment protocols to address these factors.


We help clients identify the negative core beliefs, thought processes, attitudes, and emotions that could be contributing to the addictive behavior and help clients apply positive psychology techniques to leverage strengths to overcome weaknesses.

We screen for additional psychological factors that could also be fueling the addiction such as depression, abuse/trauma, anxiety, low self-esteem, acute or chronic stress, and learning disabilities.


We explore with clients how relationships and other social factors such as education, spirituality, economics, and legal standing might be affecting addictive behaviors and then develop interventions to support a healthy lifestyle, including healthy relationships.

We provide ongoing individual and family counseling to facilitate functional transitions into healthy social interactions.

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