Case Studies

Tyson is a 21-year-old male presenting with severe sexual addiction. He started viewing pornography on the internet at age 9. He reported that it wasn’t often at first, maybe once a month. When he was 16, he started viewing pornography once a week and that turned into 4 times a week. He was continuously thinking about and viewing pornography. At age 18 he tried to stop because viewing went against his value system. He cut his habit down to one time a week. However, things didn’t go as planned and his addiction intensified.  Tyson started having sex with multiple partners when he was 19.

He is LDS and was discipline by the church. He tried many times to stop his addictive behaviors and to “white knuckle it through” but his attempts were unsuccessful. Tyson stated that people said, “just stop” and “just have self-control.” This added to his feelings of shame and when he started counseling, he was hopeless and discouraged.  He was also very negative and blamed the church and his ecclesiastical leaders for not being patient with him. He didn’t care about himself or others and the hurt he was causing. He had given up. We had therapy together for several months before he engaged in the amino acid program. Tyson decided to participate in the amino acid program because nothing else had worked for him and he wanted desperately to stop the compulsive sexual thoughts and obsessive actions in which he was engaged. After 5 months, Tyson is completely free of the obsessions and compulsions. He has a girlfriend and together they are working towards a temple wedding. He stated, “Thank goodness my parents believed that I had done everything I could to overcome my addiction. Many people believe that getting over an addiction is easy.  It’s not, and when you struggle you feel a ton of shame. My parents understood that I just couldn’t ‘white knuckle’ it and stop my addiction.  I had to have more treatment and I truly believe the amino acid therapy has changed my life.”

Chad is a 32-year-old male presenting with pornography addiction. He stated that this started when he was about 10 years old. He saw “chic” cards at his cousin’s house and this progressed to viewing pornography on the internet. He reported that at 14-17, he viewed pornography weekly.  At age 18, the shame cycle kicked in and he cut his addiction back to once a month. He stopped viewing completely to serve an LDS mission. After his mission, he was exposed to pornography again at 3 months and he started viewing again. This past year he looked at pornography every 3-6 months for several days at a time.  Over the past 3 months, he viewed it once a month.  Chad stated that pornography has been a stress outlet for him.  The more stress, the more use and the more he uses, the more often he needs to view. Chad has been in counseling for 4 months. He decided to participate in the amino acid drips because he felt like he isn’t progressing in life, has very little motivation, and is consumed by his sexual thoughts. Chad has now been clean for 5 months.  His relationship with his wife is much better and she doesn’t feel as threatened.  He commented, “I haven’t been aroused by my wife in years but after the treatment, this wasn’t a problem for me.”

Feedback on the Amino Acid IV Detox Cleanse Program:

The following are patient comments regarding their experience in the program:

 “I feel much more motivated about life, family and career.”

“I am enjoying the little things in life again. I’m not getting as annoyed at my wife and I’m better able to control my anger.”

“Am I supposed to be this happy?”

“When I have a sexual thought, I don’t obsess on it.  I’m able to get rid of it immediately. This is such a relief!”

“I definitely believe the amino acids have worked.  I have sexual thoughts but I don’t have pornographic thoughts. (We talked about how the sexual thoughts are normal but need to be controlled).

My thoughts are more positive and uplifting. I’m actually saying good things about myself instead of criticizing or discounting the good in me.”

“Went to a party and I enjoyed socializing instead of constantly thinking about “how am I going to get some tonight.”

“I have been able to control myself. Girls have texted and wanted to hook up but I’ve been able to say “no” to their advances.  I wouldn’t have done that before.”

IV Amino Acid Neuro-Restoration & Intensive Psychological Therapy

Intravenous amino acid therapy, also called neurotransmitter restoration, is an innovative treatment focused on healing the brain that has become addicted due to certain stimuli. When the brain’s chemistry has been altered by prolonged addictive substances or behavior patterns, like gambling, gaming, and pornography, the brain’s ability to produce the appropriate balance of neurotransmitters becomes disrupted.

The WholeHealth program includes the infusion of the specific amino acids through an IV at very slow and steady rates to calm these receptors. Research shows that this process repairs the brain’s ability to produce the appropriate balance of neurotransmitters and therefore heal the brain’s dependency on those addictive substances.  Our patients experience clear thinking and changes in emotions following therapy, including a loss of cravings and other mental health improvements. The amino acid procedure is followed up by an intensive psychological protocol. In tandem, these work best to provide lasting change.

Dr. Trish Henrie-Barrus, Clinical Director WholeHealth Recovery
Assistant Professor Educational Psychology University of Utah

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