When the brain’s chemistry has been altered by prolonged addictive behaviors like pornography the brains ability to produce the appropriate balance of neurotransmitters becomes disrupted. Our WholeHealth program includes the infusion of the specific amino acids with an IV at a very slow and steady rate to calm these receptors. This therapy is also called neurotransmitter restoration, in an innovative treatment focused on healing the brain that has become addicted due to certain stimuli.
Research has shown that this process repairs the brain’s ability to produce the appropriate balance of neurotransmitters and therefore heal the brain’s dependency on those addictive behaviors or substances. Many patients experience clear thinking and changes in emotions following therapy, including a loss of cravings and other mental health improvements.
A recent patient commented, “Thank goodness my parents believed that I had done everything I could to overcome my addiction. Many people believe that getting over an addiction is easy. It’s not, and when you struggle you feel a ton of shame. My parents understood that I just couldn’t “White Knuckle” it and stop my addiction. I had to have more treatment and I truly believe the amino acid therapy has changed my life.”